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Often we hear school teachers saying that this is the "20th" or "30th" graduation ceremony that they have been to, and that is impressive, but we've done thousands. Let us help.  We are experts not only at photographing these events, but at understanding how to make them run efficiently. We have seen every type of graduation that there is and are happy to consult with you and your event committee to make your night memorable for the right reasons. 


Below are a few reasons why your school community deserve a professional photographer at your graduation ceremony.

The Portrait that says it all

The Graduation Portrait. Capture the sense of achievement and the excitement of wearing academic robes or graduation sashes with a professionally captured Individual Portrait

The Moment They've been waiting for

Certificate Presentations.  Mum and Dad have waited 12 years for this moment and deserve to actually be present IN the moment.  Let the professional get the shot.

Their Moment in the spotlight

Graduation Performances. They have been practicing for ever for this time in the spotlight. Shooting performances is notoriously difficult let a person with years experince do it for them.

Whole Year Group

This is the last time they will be in the same place at the same time. A smart phone photo won't cut it. 

Family Portraits

This momentous occasion
is the achivement a whole family can share in. Mum and dad deserve a professional portrait to commemerate it. 

Easy Digital Download

Bliss Studio strongly believes in the importance of printed images. We do however have digital product options available.


Below are a few reason's why it is an easy choice to book Bliss Studio for your graduation

It Will NOT impact your ceremony running time

 The number one worry from schools that have not had this service is that it will slow the night down.  Absolutely not. We gaurantee it.

Secure Image Gallery

We take our duty of care seriously when displaying photographs of the families we photograph.
Our galleries are safe and not just anyone can view images and we CERTAINLY do not allow everyone to download EVERYTHING

Orders returned by post

All orders are sent directly to the home address of the student which means no additional administrative work required of the school

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