Why Choose Us?

There are many providers in the school ball market.  Below are the reasons why Bliss Studio leads the way.

Bliss Studio has been THE leader in School Ball Photography since we started in 1998. We have partnered with over 150 different schools in our time and estimate we have photographed nearly 500,000 individual students in Western Australia.

We are always looking at new innovations and opportunities to improve. Some of our ‘first in the industry’ includes:

– provided a proof CD to every student (before the web was so readily available!)

– offering a ‘Glam it up’ Service so touch ups could be done to create amazing final images.

– giving an entire school their ball photos for FREE (Congrats Swan Christian College and Lake Joondalup Baptist College)

– offering environmentally friendly folders.

- Offer FREE social media files when you purchase a hard copy photograph you will also receive a free social media sized version  to share on line or keep on your phone. 


What Can we Offer Your School?

- No Attendance Fee -  We don't charge to attend your event which means we are going to work hard to ensure what we produce is something you want to buy.  No added cost to ticket sales.  A fair 'User Pays' system meaning only those who want to purchase need to pay. (Travel/Attendance Fee applicable for country schools and some smaller schools)

- Charity Photobooth -we can provide you with a fun photo booth with customised photo strips, props and attendant.  Then, you can turn the fun into a community service files are made available via our website for $2 with all money going to a charity. 

- Individual Images - We are one of the few companies that take the time to photograph individuals of students.  75% of orders contain an individual which is testimony to how important it is.   It's the shot Mum wants (and mum taking her own iPhone photo at home_isn't_the same thing!) We all want to keep our Mum's happy!

- Social Media Files - while we always favour actual hard copy photos over files, we know you want to share your amazing night with family and friends.  So when you purchase over a certain dollar value you receive FREE social media size files for images purchased. (Some conditions apply) 

- Saving Your Generation from the Digital Dark Age - with so much of our life recorded only on phones and other digital devices the Millenials are heading towards a 'Digital Dark Age'. As devices become obsolete and backup procedures are not followed through much of their recorded life will be lost.  By offering Hard Copy photographs we are hoping to preserve at least their important school milestones for them to enjoy later in life. 

Professional full time photographers with unlimited access during the evening.

Largest Range of Backdrops in Western Australia (check out our backdrop showcase page)

Gift Vouchers galore (ask us about our $1000 Introductory offer – conditions apply)

Access Card given out on night providing students with all details on how to access their images.

Fast Turnaround – most sites go live within 48 hours of the event (although our super slow uploads speeds can cause us much grief at times!)

Large Group Specialist – we can do whole year groups at your ball. We have done this for schools with over 300 students!

Glam It Up & Re-touching Service – no reason why we can’t fix those stray hairs, skin blemishes or wardrobe malfunctions.

Password Protected Website –  Rest easy we take access and security very seriously – please see further details below.

– Easy On-line Ordering – we make it easy to view, select and order your images and even get them sent straight to your home address.


Security & Digital Files

Having been in this industry a long time we have seen many changes. The biggest would be the onset of the digital age. As a leader in this industry we feel that security should be a number one priority for companies providing images to what is mostly minors. We take the following steps to ensure your images are kept private:

1. To gain access to the images clients must firstly have an access code.

2. To view the images even before they are allowed to enter the access code clients must enter a valid email address – this allows us if necessary to monitor who has viewed images.

3. Access Code can ONLY be obtained either on the night via our card handouts or from the school.

4. We have industry standard merhcant gateway in place for secure on-line ordering.

5. We DO NOT offer a ‘digital file’ buy out to schools. While this may seem an easy option it has major implications for both the students, school and our company.  Instead we offer files for groups of up to 10 in a controlled manner (ie. we know who has downloaded them)

 Proud Supporters of Side Effect: Remember…one pill can kill

As a provider that is often the last people to have contact with students before they go off to ‘afters parties’ we have looked at ways to hopefully spread the drug safe message. We have decided to assist the organisation called ‘SideEffect’ which was started by Rod Bridges after his son, Preston, was tragically killed after taking a synthetic drug at an ‘afters party’. We photographed Preston at his Ball and it really hit home how quickly one mistake can ruin so many lives. You will see their message on our handouts “Remember…one pill can kill”. We hope that even if this message can make one student think twice it will be worth it. If you wish to find out more about the organisation and the teachers resources available please follow this link http://sideffect.org.au/


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