School Event Photography

Having a big "Do" at your school?  Let us photograph it for you. We might even do it for free*. 

Dance Performances

Bliss can capture the movement and excitement of dancers. Whether it is a solo or group performance.

Drama Productions

After the many hours of rehearsals let Bliss capture the highly anticipated performance as if they were performing on Broadway.

Sports Carnival

We love to capture all the action of Sports carnival day.

Social Functions

Sundowners, milestone Anniversary Dinners or High Teas. Occasions worth remembering.

Swimming Carnival

For Bliss every swimming carnival is treated like the Olympics.

Open Days

Let Bliss capture your school being showcased to prospective students.

Capital Works Projects

Having an archive of major Capital Works Projects is important for the schools history. 

Promotional Material

Ensure your school is presented in the best way using professional images. 

*Yup, there are terms and conditions about that, please contact us to find out more. 


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